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All over the world, people stand against injustice, misuse of power and bad living conditions, and lead campaigns for improvements. During these activities, new forms of citizen participation in political and administrative affairs are being created and improved. We support all efforts for better democracy and participation.
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Feminism in Pictures: Global Feminist Pitch

“Feminism in Pictures” is the result of a collaboration with seven incredible feminist illustrators from Brazil, Iran, India, Georgia, Pakistan, Turkiye, and Kenya for the Global Feminist Pitch 2023. These graphic novels are evidence of the continuing streams of feminist resistance and resilience in diverse global contexts.

Reproductive Justice

Self-determined decisions about one's own body and family planning are often influenced by laws and prevailing norms that act like barriers. This publication is an attempt to make hidden injustice visible and to fought against it. So that reproductive justice can become a reality for all.