Practicing Feminist Foreign Policy in the Everyday: A Toolkit

By Victoria Scheyer, Dilek Gürsel, Marie Jelenka Kirchner and Jessica Cheung
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Feminist foreign policy is emerging as a new paradigm in international relations. The concept raises expectations of a more peaceful and just foreign policy, but its theoretical dimension and practical implementation are often not clearly defined. This toolkit tries to close this gap and clarify key terms of feminist foreign policy, as well as outline the practical application of the feminist approach to international diplomacy, to security, environmental, development, trade and migration policy.

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Date of Publication
November 2021
Internationale Frauenliga für Frieden und Freiheit Deutschland
Number of Pages
21 pages
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Table of contents
  • Glossary 3
  • List of Abbreviations 3
  1. A Feminist Vision, Background and Approach 4
  2. From Definitions to Values – An Inclusive and Context Driven Approach 6
    1. Intersectionality 7
    2. Empathetic Reflexivity 7
    3. Substantive Representation and Participation 8
    4. Accountability 8
    5. Active Peace Commitment 8
    • A Work in Progress: Moving Feminist Foreign Policy Forward 9
  3. What Does This Mean for Different Fields of Foreign Policy? 10
    1. Feminist Diplomacy in Practice 10
    2. Feminist Global Security in Practice 11
    3. Environment and Climate Justice in Practice 13
    4. Feminist Development Cooperation in Practice 14
    5. Feminist Trade Policy in Practice 15
    6. Feminist Migration Policy in Practice 16
  4. Guiding Questions for Practicing Feminist Foreign Policy in the Everyday 18