Ecology and sustainable development are central areas for securing the future of humanity – areas which should by no means be treated as a political football. It is to the credit of the green movement within and outside parliaments that ecology has become one of the main arenas of politics. There is hardly another subject which, within the last 30 years, has been thus transformed from the concern of a few scientists, activists into a topic of world conferences.


Small Modular Reaktors

Prospects of Small Modular Reactors in the Czech Republic

What are the arguments in favor of Small Modular Reactors and how realistic are they? What is the chance we will see their mass construction in the Czech Republic? This publication contributes the views of experts and offers the most important findings in the topic. Its author is Professor Stephen Thomas from the University of Greenwich who has more than 25 years of experience conducting research in the field of energy policies. The current situation in the Czech Republic is described in a chapter by Edvard Sequens, the energy consultant for the Calla organization.

Green Foreign Policy Snapshots

Green foreign policy, lacking an agreed upon definition, is often misquoted and misinterpreted, narrowed down to only protecting the natural environment. In this preliminary study conducted in 2022, we attempted to see beyond scattered political opinion by analysing data. Partial or complete, a green foreign policy doctrine may be an eventuality based on these initial findings.


Ez az atlasz mindazokat hivatott támogatni, akik a klímaigazságosságra és az élelmiszer-önrendelkezésre törekszenek, és akik meg akarják védeni a természetet. A kiadvány új adatokat és tényeket tár fel, és kapcsolatot teremt a különböző kulcsfontosságú kérdések között, így döntő módon járul hozzá ahhoz a munkához, amelyet sokan végeznek az ipari hústermelésből eredő problémák megvilágítása érdekében.