Slavko Ševčík
homeless man living with a disability Slavko Ševčík

Nová Bošáca, okr. Trenčín (*1964)

Soon after birth, Mr Ševčík contracted polio and meningitis and developed a visual disability. When he was six he was diagnosed with a rare childhood condition that affects the hip joints. He attended a special boarding school for children with visual disabilities and studied telecommunications. His family was religious, which was a hardship during communism. After completing his studies, he moved to Prague and worked in telecommunications services as a switchboard operator, clerk and warehouse staffer. After going through a divorce, he was made redundant by his company, lost his flat, and became homeless, living on the streets for a few months. Since 2010 he has been recognized as fully disabled. He has been selling the New Space (Nový Prostor) magazine for several years now, the proceeds of which benefit homeless people. He lives in a shared housing facility in Prague.