In Search of the Czech Future: Final Project Summary


The Prague office of the Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung together with the think-tank Glopolis and the Green European Foundation present the final summary of the project In Search of the Czech Future.

"The aim of the In Search of the Czech Future project is to enrich public debate not only with new solutions to complex issues but also to show that without the fundamental expansion and the application of democratic procedures in Czech politics, it is impossible to break the current impasse."

"The path to the revival of Czech democracy runs first through a change in the rules regulating our coexistence – how we govern and how we handle our resources, and, secondly, through a renaissance of citizenship, i.e. by infusing this term with new meaning for the Czech Republic and the European Union."

"We must experiment, discover and quickly learn what works and what doesn’t work. Therefore, the most important task for now is to build quality social institutions that best facilitate this experimentation, discovery, learning and above all civic engagement in public life. Contributing to this debate and attracting additional actors is the main goal of the project and broader process of In Search of the Czech Future."

"The three-year In Search of the Czech Future project was comprised of a series of meetings between the authors of the studies, thematic discussion seminars with the participation of more than one hundred experts, academics and government officials, campaigners, business and civic representatives, as well as discussions open to the general public."

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December 2014
Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung v Praze, Green European Foundation, Glopolis
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