Green Transition

Green Transition

The Meaty Side of Climate Change

"Carbon majors," like big oil and gas companies, have long been the focus of efforts to curb climate change and stem rising temperatures. And yet, while energy giants like Exxon and Shell have drawn fire for their roles in warming the planet, the corporate meat and dairy industries have largely avoided scrutiny.

By Shefali Sharma

Public debates on current European issues: Green New Deal for Europe and the Czech Republic

Green New Deal for Europe and the Czech Republic is the name of a series of debates organized by the Green European Foundation for the Greens/EFA group in the European Parliament, in cooperation with Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung Prague. It aims on involving the broader public into the debate on contemporary European issues.

Scroll down for the basic information about each of the debates which will be held within the project as well as a continuously updated list of panelists.

Facts and figures about the animals we eat

Food is a necessity. Food is personal. Food also has political and ethical dimensions that continually pose new questions about responsibility.

We are more and more alienated from what is on our plates. Responsible food production and consumption is being demanded by an increasing number of people. Consumers need information with which to answer their questions and inform their decisions.

Ways out of the Crisis - Book presentation and debate

The presentation of the book "Intelligent Growth. The Green Revolution" and the debate of Vladimir Spidla, Ondrej Liska and Tomas Sedlacek with the author Ralf Fücks, president of the Heinrich Böll Stiftung, took place on 24.9.2013 at Goethe-Institut Prague.

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Annual Report 2011


Annual Report Heinrich Böll Foundation - order print version or download as PDF document.


Ecology and sustainable development are central areas for securing the future of humanity – areas which should by no means be treated as a political football. It is to the credit of the green movement within and outside parliaments that ecology has become one of the main arenas of politics. There is hardly another subject which, within the last 30 years, has been thus transformed from the concern of a few scientists, activists into a topic of world conferences.

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