Political developments

Political developments

The Return of Repression

The repression of NGOs and other civil society groups increases worldwide, which leads to a decline of democratic freedom. This issue should be added to the agenda of national parliaments and multilateral organizations.

By Barbara Unmüßig

In Favour of a Solidary EU Refugee Policy

A special EU summit of heads of state and government will take place on 23 September. After years of neglect, however, a solidary EU refugee policy cannot be elaborated in summary proceedings and under pressure. A commentary by Eva van de Rakt.

By Eva van de Rakt

The Refugee Policy of the Visegrád Countries: “No one invited you.”

After images of Budapest’s Keleti train station illustrating the urgent need for a fast and coordinated EU assistance programme for refugees had been circulating around the world for days, the governments of Hungary, Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovakia again reaffirmed their vehement “no” to the EU Commission’s proposal for refugee quotas.

By Silja Schultheis
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Berlin Anthology: From where I shan’t return


The International Literature Festival Berlin, together with the Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung, has called on authors to contemplate the fates of refugees and asylum-seekers in literary form. Twenty-two authors from fifteen different countries answered this call in poems, short prose and essays. The perspectives and insights are just as different as individual motives, destinies, and experiences.


In many countries around the world people are protesting against injustice, abuse of power, dire living conditions, and they are campaigning for higher standards. In the process new forms of citizens’ participation in political and administrative processes are evolving. We support all attempts to achieve greater democratisation and participation.

The City is for All

Katalin Rodics

Attila Mong